Handwash heaven

If like me, you love the Aldi candles that have been widely compared to Jo Malone, you are also going to love these Abbot & Broome handwashes that some think have a similar  smell to Molton Brown products.

At just 89p for 300ml you can stock up on several!

My favourite is the Clementine and Grapefruit hand wash but I also like the Lime and Patchouli.  I haven’t yet seen the Rhubarb and Rose version.  They leave a lovely scent on your hands that lingers for some time and my downstairs bathroom smells divine now.  Apparently they used to also make these gorgeous smells in shower gels but they are no longer available. Bring them back Aldi!


I am also now a convert to the diffusers – this English Freesia and Pear is now giving my bedroom a wonderful aroma day and night.

Well done Aldi on these high quality low price products for the home.




Sculpt by Esho – worth the hype?

IMG_4891 2

So a really prompt delivery from Victoria Health and £29 later.. I was eager to try this. I have already tried a product a few years ago that plumps and draws blood to the area. This was Niod’s Lip Bio Lipid Concentrate and this newer idea from Dr Esho seems based on the former with a little upgrade.

As a thin-lipped woman who has also tried lip filler I was keen to see what this could do.

I’m not going to lie – this product has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

  1. It does plump a little – you will definitely feel like you have bigger lips but this is also due to the blood rushing to the surface
  2. The packaging is great – very modern and impressive
  3. The texture is fine  – easy to apply and can be worn under gloss or lipstick
  4. Does it makes lips fuller over time with continued use – I’m yet to find out ?


These are personal and many may disagree but for me important anyway.

  1. The pro- circulation ingredient causes redness to the lips (don’t mind too much) but also to the skin above my lip and all the way up to my nose – this does go down after a few minutes but is noticeable to others
  2. The taste – YUKKKKKKK!! It tastes like you have rubbed sweeteners on your lips and the taste really stays with you for hours! I would like it much more if it didn’t taste like this.
  3. You will not get the same plumping effect as you would from lip filler but this may be a good alternative to try for people who do not wish to use fillers.


Would I buy it again? – right now I’m not sure. I would like to see the results after using for several months. I hope I am pleasantly surprised as I believe a lot of work went into creating this product.









Review – The Ordinary’s Argireline Solution


Ok so I promised to review this for friends, family and followers when I had heard this being described as an “alternative to botox”.

I am realistic however, and did not expect lines to fade overnight. I have been using this for 6 weeks now applying a few drops on the forehead and around the eyes twice daily as recommended.

Sadly, I cannot see any improvements in either area. I took a picture of my eyes before I started using it and there is clearly no difference. I also have a cousin who started the solution at the same time and she hasn’t seen any improvement either.

I did have high hopes for this as I really love The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid – this really does plump the face and is so cheap you can be generous every day.

I also like the “Buffet” product they make and would love to try a sample of their new foundation – although it has a crazy waiting list. I look forward to reviews by others.

So for now I will be continuing to use this and the Hyaluronic acid products. As for Botox – well I can never say never 😉

*UPDATE – I have stopped using this product but am sticking with the Hyaluronic Acid. Sadly the Vitamin A and Buffet products from the Ordinary range both gave me spots and larger pores.





Eye Creams that make a difference


I have struggled with dark circles for the last 20 years and I have tried many, many creams. Nothing will ever truly make the under eye area perfect.. but some products really do help and with a good concealer, you can feel confident.

Do bear in mind though that some people have different under eye issues. My dark circles are hereditary, no amount of sleep or water will improve my dark circles unless I am completely dehydrated from a hangover – water does then help.   Now I have reached 40, I also have to consider my fine lines – if you are younger you can probably use a lighter cream or would prefer a gel.

I have found the addition of The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid has definitely helped the appearance of my fine lines – but you must use it every day. Such a great price you would be mad not to include this in a daily routine.

Here are a list of my current favourite eye creams and gels – some better for fine lines and some for the dark areas.

I started using the Kiehl’s eye treatment about 6 months ago as I got a great price on a flight home. This is a thick, super nourishing cream – probably more suited to mature skins and there is so much it was last forever!  I love Avocado so was desperate to try this. This has helped to strengthen the thin under eye area and plump the lines but beware – use tiny amounts as I have found some millia around the eye ( probably just my heavy handed applications).

For my dark circles I tried the Una Brennan Vitamin C dark circle cream . This is lovely and light and good for under makeup. I use this in the day. This is a good cheaper alternative to some of the other creams ( sometimes on offer in Boots too) and would suit any age.

I have only just started using the Guinot eye lift and found this was light and refreshing after a big night out. ( Try samples from Feel Unique Pick and Mix ).

The Environ AVST eye gel is great – light but really helps with fine lines. I would use this at night. This is not too thick or heavy and helps to nourish without feeling heavy. You can buy this from selected beauty salons such as Amber Health and Beauty in Plymouth.

Finally, probably my favourite for daytime and under makeup is the Origins Ginseng product. Not only is it light, refreshing and works on fine lines, it also has a light reflective glow which definitely helps my dark circles look better under concealer or just on it’s own.  I don’t really suffer from puffy eyes but this claims to help with that too. A great all rounder.

Which eye creams do you rate ?


what is this blog about?


Anyone who knows me, know I am always trying new hair and beauty products. I am always recommending them to friends and family. I like a bargain ( who doesn’t!) but I also buy more expensive items if I think they really work. Now I have a page of all my recommendations which I can update now and then. Happy reading.. I hope you try some of these products and share your thoughts. xx

Trying this month..


So you have probably heard of The Ordinary. This is the Argireline product which targets lines and wrinkles. Some are calling it an alternative to Botox so I have to try this.. and for less than 6 pounds, it’s worth a go.

They suggest massaging into head and eye lines – morning and night. It feels light and I then follow with their Hylaronic acid (again a super price) and then I use Environ AVST.

I will post an update in 2 weeks and again in 4 weeks to see if i can see any changes.

Lets hope so !

Find The Ordinary at www.victoriahealth.com

*Update I have stopped using this product but will stick with the Hylaronic acid.



This month I am thinking about getting into that bikini in April (yikes) and wanted to try this. Hell, this isn’t going to give me supermodel legs but I need all the help I can get!
I will post an update of how I get on..

Body firming lotion


Sadly not impressed so far . 😞

Skinny hair

I have always had fine hair and longed for thick, full beautiful tresses.

I swear by this MOP shampoo (you have to use regularly but will see a difference) and also love the Milkshake range when my hair is feeling dry and damaged – smells divine!

mop lemongrass volume shampoo

mop lemongrass volume shampoo

integrity shampoo

integrity shampoo

Buy MOP at amazon.co.uk

Liz Earle cleanse and polish

Liz Earle cleanse and polish (left)

The best cleanser

A beauty therapist many years ago, told me the best way to prevent wrinkles and look after your skin is to a) use sunscreen/wear a sun hat and b) clean your skin every day to remove make up and dirt.

The Liz Earle cleanse and polish is suitable for all skin types, all ages and is simple to use. Have tried other cleansers, but always come back to this. Also love her gentle exfoliating product and brightening mask.