Handwash heaven

If like me, you love the Aldi candles that have been widely compared to Jo Malone, you are also going to love these Abbot & Broome handwashes that some think have a similar  smell to Molton Brown products.

At just 89p for 300ml you can stock up on several!

My favourite is the Clementine and Grapefruit hand wash but I also like the Lime and Patchouli.  I haven’t yet seen the Rhubarb and Rose version.  They leave a lovely scent on your hands that lingers for some time and my downstairs bathroom smells divine now.  Apparently they used to also make these gorgeous smells in shower gels but they are no longer available. Bring them back Aldi!


I am also now a convert to the diffusers – this English Freesia and Pear is now giving my bedroom a wonderful aroma day and night.

Well done Aldi on these high quality low price products for the home.




10 thoughts on “Handwash heaven

  1. Somethingsotrue says:

    I have blackberry & Bay No2 I adore it it’s amazing!!!! I have the NO1 Diffuser which is lovely for a living room. I also have No4 which I agree is nice in the bedroom. Obsessed with he range! I went into Jo Malone as I was curious to see what is better and Aldi ticked my list! Amazing value!

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